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Phtotography tips and tutorials - Little egret at sunset

Wildlife Photography hints, tips and tutorials

I often find myself repeatedly being asked the same questions by magazine editors and budding wildlife photographers, so I thought I should start preparing some wildlife photography hints and tips articles - which I hope you might find useful. I have also included some Photoshop tutorials containing important post-processing information. Taking a good picture really is only half the story with digital photography.

Judging from they popularity of these articles (thanks for all the e.mails) I intend to add to them as time permits, so you might like to bookmark this page to keep up to date.


Canon 1 series camera, wimberley head and 500mm f4 lens






What equipment I use and why
Equipment II - update.
Macro lenses - choosing and using
Using the Canon MPE-65 macro
Full frame vs crop-sensor cameras pt 1
Full frame vs crop-sensor cameras pt 2
Full frame shootout - Canon 1Dsmk II vs Nikon D3
Canon 1DmkIV - Early impressions
Canon 5D mkIII - Early impressions
Canon 100-400 f4.5-5.6L IS II optical comparisons
Lens diffraction
Digital camera tips - Keeping digital sensors clean, be wary of using skykight/uv filters
Telephoto lens comparisons - comparing
300mm f2.8 with and without converters against 500mm f4, 400mm f5.6 and 100-400mm f5.6 from a fixed distance.
Focal length comparisons - Which lens do you need to use ?
Canon 1DmkIV custom functions - Which Custom functions I use
Lens Micro adjustment
Mirror slap and mirror lock-up - Considerations for shooting at slower shutterspeeds
Mirror slap part 2 - Canon 5DmkIII
Canon lens tests - 100-400 vs 70-200 mk II with converters
Canon 2x Converter comparison
2x mkII and mkIII converter comparison with feedback on 1.4x mkIII.

Computers and monitors

Colour management for idiots

Obtaining consistent colour with wide gamut computer monitors


Wildlife and Nature Photography Hints and Tips

Intro, ethics of wildlife photography, expanding on a basic tip
Photographing butterflies in the wild.
Photographing orchids in the wild
Photographing grey seals at Donna Nook in Lincolnshire
Photographing water droplets
Photographing the moon

Photographing wild birds tutorial in eight parts:
Part 1 - Introduction and common faults - Getting close
Part 2 - Equipment for photographing birds
Part 3 - Getting the subject in focus
Part 4 - Overcoming blur due to subject movement
Part 5 - Overcoming blur due to camera movement and vibration
Part 6 - Obtaining correct exposure
Part 7 - Lighting and composition
Part 8 - Birds in flight

Composition part 1 - Tips on composition to give your images more impact
Composition part 2 - More tips to improve composition
Exposing to the right
Working at high ISO

Photoshop Tutorials (post processing)
Working with RAW images using Adobe Photoshop

Working with RAW images update for Photoshop CS2

Working with RAW images update for Photoshop CS3-CS5

Working with RAW images update for Photoshop CS6 (also useful for users of Lightroom 4)

Other useful Photoshop techniques

Resizing of images for e.mailing or using on the web
Removal of "red eye"
Evaluating images on your computer screen
Viewing raw images in Windows Explorer

Rescuing over and underexposed images
Dealing with posterization in images


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