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Wildlife photography by John Devries, Kent UK. Inspirational images from nature.
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Ophrys Photography - Professional wildlife and nature photography.
Beautiful prints and stock images for sale.



Hardy orchid society - The British society dedicated to British wild orchids
Guenther Blaich's website - Many photos of unusual European orchid hybrids
Wildguides - English Nature Wildguide series of excellent fieldguides
Orchid Wire - Orchid resource directory
Orchids of Provence -Excellent French orchid website
Ophrys - Informative site specialising in Ophrys species
European orchids - Pictures of European orchids


Wildlife Forums

Wild about Britain

British Wildlife at Wild About Britain . Information on British butterflies, wildlife, nature and the environment with forums, news, photography, events calendars, interactive maps, product reviews and a wildlife directory - covering everything from British birds, insects, wildflowers, fungi and trees, to astronomy, geology, marine life and the weather.

The Arctic
Arjen Drost's Website - Spitsbergen information, including species, webcam on Ny Alsund, climate etc
Webcam on NyAlsund, Spitsbergen - See what the weather is like in the Arctic today
Oceanwide Tours - Recommended tour operator to the Arctic
Polar bear facts - About size, weight, diet etc
Arcturus - Good small UK travel company going to the Norwegian Arctic etc
Spitsbergen - interesting site with information about Spitsbergen , Greenland and the Arctic region in general


Surfbirds - Identification guides, where to go birding, see pictures of the latest rarities sent in by contributors.
Eurobirding - hundreds of trip reports
Fat birder - An essential site for birders, great for trip reports & everything you need to know about birds
Bird Forum-Very popular birding website with lots of pictures, equipment reviews, birding locations..
Gigrin farm - The place to photograph Red Kites !
Deanbirders - Birding website based in the Forest of Dean -with galleries and daily log of sightings intended for elderly or disabled people unable to leave the house. They even install nestboxes and feeders for the people they are helping - a very worthy initiative.
Kit day Bird Photography. Great pictures including rare visitors to Briatain.
Kent Ornithological Society (KOS) - Great source of information on Kent birds, some of teh blogs are well worth reading

Bird food and feeders

Bird Treats UK : Garden Bird Seed - Garden Bird Feed - Wild Bird Food, Seed Mixes, Insect, Earthworms
UK based wild bird food shop and garden bird feed supplier offers quality bird treats which include garden bird seed and garden bird food like seed mixes, suet coated peanuts, suet coated sunflower hearts, dried earthworms, seeds with insects and suet pellets with fruits and berries.

The Really Wild Birdfood Company

Wild Bird Food - Wild Bird Seed - Garden Bird Food - Garden Bird Seed - Bird Special Offers
British bird food Shop in Hampshire UK supplies wild bird food, wild bird seed, garden bird food and garden bird seed for your birds. Along with bird special offers, bird seed and bird food we stock includes sunflower hearts, sunflower seeds, mealworms, suet balls, suet pellets, fat balls for birds, seed mixes, niger seeds, premium peanuts, live foods. Also we supply bird feeders and bird feeding accessories like bird seed feeders, bird table, bird water bath and nest box for birds.

Squirrel Ban - Stop Squirrels - Squirrel Proof Bird Food - Anti Squirrel Bird Feed

Providing squirrel proof bird food and anti squirrels bird feed. Squirrel Ban is a new pest proof bird food that has been treated with chillimega. Chillimega is a food quality blend of nutritional oils and chill extracts packed with vitamins and omega goodness with hot chilli to deter the squirrels away or to stop squirrel resident.

Swift Wild Bird Food and Feeders
A range of wild bird food and bird feeders available to buy online from UK based Swift Wild Bird Food and Feeders.

Photographic technique & equipment reviews

The Digital picture- Fantastically useful lens comparator. Put your chosen lenses side by side and as you mouse over the images you can compare two lenses or a single lens at various apertures.
Imaging Resource - Really useful camera comparator. Set up two cameras side by side and compare their performance on the same test subjects at different ISOs. Alternatively set up the same camera twice and compare it against itself at diferent ISOs.
Photozone.de - Good lens tests
EOS Camera Magazine - The official Canon magazine. Worth subscribing to if you own a Canon
Luminous-landscape - excellent digital photography tutorials
Steve Hoffmann - excellent comprisons between film and digital and digital darkroom techniques.
Digiscoping - learn how to take pictures of birds through a birdwatching telescope
Rob Galbraith - Latest news, equipment reviews, extensive article on Canon 1DmkIII Af performance
World according to Roland - Some interesting camera reviews
Birdphotographers.net - Nature photography website and forum with a bias towards birds
Naturescapes.net - Nature photography website with interesting articles and forum


Hilary Mayes - Wonderful paintings of flowers, animals, and although it sounds unusual - front doors ! But check them out, they are superb. I have recently supplied Hilary a series of images as source material for some new paintings, so do look out for them.

Faithful Friends Portraits - Beautiful pet and animal portraits in acrylic by Animal
Portrait Artist, Nicky Jones, specialising in detailed commissioned paintings of dogs, cats,
horses and other animals, from photographs.

Jonathan Pointer - Wildlife and sporting artist. Brilliant paintings and drawings of of grouse, pheasants, foxes and other wildlife with a sporting theme.

Woodprint studio - Amazing framed woodprints. Many sourced from Ophrys Photography original images.

UK Suppliers of Photographic Equipment and wildlife accessories

Canon UK
Warehouse Express
Wildlife watching supplies
Ultimate Nature Gear - Specialised products for wildlife photographers and wildlife watchers
DWG Ltd - supplier of wildlife hides and all-weather clothing
Greenman Bushcraft Ltd - Courses in bushcraft and suppliers of equipment and accessories
Garden Nature - Supply good value hides and wildlife camera systems
Camera Pricebuster - Excellent online camera equipment comparison website.
Stealth wildlife - Clothing, hides and other accessories for wildlife and nature watching at affordable prices

Overseas suppliers of Photographic equipment

42nd Street Photo New York for digital cameras and accessories along with great customer service.

Wildlife and nature photography websites

Allen Lloyd Photography - Excellent landscape , natuer and wildlife images
Stephen Street -Good wildlife photography website. Stephen also sells through Tips images.
Lucid images -Interesting American website with good links, books and even some free software.
Elisabeth Raboin - French Arts and crafts with photos of Cevennes, Provence
Steven Round Bird Photography -Nice site with good selection of UK birds and mammals etc
Mike Lane - Well established UK wildlife photographer - offers great nature photography workshops
The early beaver gallery - British Columbia wildlife photography
Art of Landscape and nature Photography - new landscape photography by Tony Howell

Visit the Nature Photographers web site

Excellent on-line magazine for nature photographers.
Photo.net - Very active international photography website where members post photos for review
and critique. Generally high standard of artisitc images.
Photos-of-the-year -Another great photography website with encouragement to display your masterpieces for constructive critisism.
San Juan Wildlife and Nature Photography - Matt Ragen's photography website, great images of wild bald eagles and orcas.
mo4 Photography services - General photography, Portrait, glamour, nature,weddings etc based in E.Anglia
Warren Photographic - Wide variety of photographic subjects, the birds in flight are stunning.
Stephen Cresswell - Includes some wonderful pictures of dragonflies
13home wingz and thingz gallery - Broad collection of images, check out the series of skies and the animated images.
Tony Wharton FRPS - Good photos covering flora, fauna, people and places plus an interesting creative gallery.
Amit Ray - Nature photography from India
Digital wildlife - The photography of Richard Ford. Nice collection of images of British wildlife
Ron McCombe - New website with some nice images of british wildlife. Wild birds a speciality.
Peter J Hosey Photography - High quality digital photographs of wild and cultivated flowers, fungi and landscapes. Prints and high-res files available.
Nature Blink
- Nature, Wildlife and Travel Photography by Ivan Miksik
Mark Raymond Mason - Canadian photographer with some wonderfully artistic landscapes

Richard Ford - Digital wildlife - Good collection of British wildlife images
Tigers in the forest - Michael J Vickers is an amateur wildlife photographer. He has a particular passion for the endangered tiger and since 2001 has traveled each year to India. With the aid of a naturalist/guide he searches for tigers in their natural habitat. Tigersintheforest contains numerous photographs of tigers and other wildlife seen in India and Africa.
Digital prints gallery - Photography of John Engle, prints and stock images
Chockstone photography - Australian nature and landscape photography
Marshall Black - Nature, Landscape and City photography from the UK and New Zealand
Halo Photographic - The photography of Mike Cooper
Chris Brooks - Very informative site and an amazing collection of images of dragonflies, damselflies and larvae.
Eric Wright - Beautiful website with very good collection of images of UK wildlife.

Dave Martin Bird Photography - Good and growing collection of UK bird photos

Ken Billington

Tony Howell images and prints - Beautiful landscape images, flowers and trees.


Derek Payne photography The most beautiful and inspiring Fine Art Landscape, Seascape, Sunsets, Sunrises, Flora and Fauna Photography by Derek Payne. Provider of high quality prints, pictures and stock photography to the general public, for the Home, Office, Hotels and media publishers.

Photography of Stanislav Krejcik - beetles, Meloidae, insects, plants and fungi.

Terry Bagley - Wildlife and nature fine art prints and images for sale

Terry Bagley Photographer

Tony's Photos
Tonys photos, galleries of favourite photos from Europe and Africa including landscapes, seascapes, wild animals, birds and city architecture. Also buy Canvas Prints to adorn your walls with original photo art.

Other photography websites

Fashion photography - Great fashion photos from Carl Ramsay
HQ Photography - HQ Photography : Stock Photography, Prints, Posters, Wallpapers, etc.
Product Packshot Photography - Affordable high quality product photography services
Ann Arbor Photography - Robin Vincent is an Ann Arbor photographer specializing in Art Photography, Senior Portraits, Family Pictures, Performance/Band Photographs, and Wedding Photography.

Tour Companies


Freeman Safaris

- My
partner in Africa - chosen because I consider Brian Freeman to offer the best Photo Safari experience in Kenya - I guarantee you will have the trip of a lifetime.


Wildlife sailing - Seal and birdwatching trips by boat off of the north Kent oast


Schiffornis bird tours
- Guided birding tours to Costa Rica, UK, USA, S.America , Trinidad & Tobago,
Spain, The Gambia. Ecuador, Peru, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Poland to run from 2007 onwards.

Transylvanian Eco travel
Pension Elena at Zarnesti
Ibis tours - Guided birding and wildlife tours in the Danube Delta area
Professional team - guided tours in the Transylavanian mountains

Photographic agencies

SPL - Science Photolibrary


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