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Image(s) of the month 2007

Image of the month archives :


December - Sanderlings sharing a seafood lunch and
African harrier-hawk with golden bat.


These wonderful little birds scuttle around on the seashore like clockwork mice - trying to find
unopened cockle shells as the tide washes them in. This pair on the north Kent coast agreed to share their lunch without a squabble developing. The late afternoon winter sunshine was casting a lovely peachy glow - much appreciated by the photographer.


african harrier hawk

Another one from Kenya - This time of an African harrier-hawk , proudly displaying it's lunch (a golden coloured bat ) that it had hooked out of a hole in a tree just moments before.


November - Red deer stag

red deer stag

The red deer rutt began in early October this year, and this magnificent stag allowed a close approach for this frame-filling shot.

October - Giraffes at sunset and Vervet monkey in acacia

giraffe sunset

Two images this month ! A brief visit to Kenya yielded some wonderful photo opportunities. These reticulated giraffes appeared just as the sun was setting, so I asked the jeep driver to hurtle down a dusty track into a postion against the light. "But the light is all wrong" he complained - please just do it I said ! This is the result .


vervet monkey

This vervet monkey was photographed in Samburu Kenya.It was sitting in a very dark location in a spiny acacia tree. Shortly after taking this shot, the monkey hurtled down the tree and collected his modelling fee by helping himself to my sandwiches! I have a lot of pictures to sort through from this short trip - which will start to appear as I clear the image backlog.

September - Hare in the meadow

braown hare

A commando-style crawl in totally open grass and a 30 minute wait was rewarded by this hare that actually ended up too close for my 500mm lens - this was despite not wearing any camo-gear either!

August - Brown Bear

brown bear

I had a fantastic couple of evenings photographing wild brown bears on the Finnish/Russian
border. This magnificent bear was photographed at about 11pm as the summer nights are
still quite light this far north. I felt very vulnerable in my tiny plywood hide at eye-level with
the bears just a few feet away from my lens !

July - Bashful hare

bashful hare

I have found a great place for hares which I intend to revisit regularly. They seem quite
accomodating when using a car as a hide, but this picture was taken using a bag-hide.
This male came so close to me that I ended up having to take head-and-shoulders shots
as I couldn't get him all in the frame with my 500mm lens.

June - Glanville fritillary on thrift flower


glanville fritillary

This month's image is of a butterfly that is rare in Britain called the Glanville fritillary.
It is found almost exclusively on the Isle of Wight, but there are a couple of sites on
the mainland opposite the IOW where it can also be found. The weather was bright but
very windy on the day this picture was taken which created a big challenge to get a sharp
image! This picture was taken with a bit of fill-flash to add a bit of zip to the colours.

May - European Souslik



Never heard of a souslik ? Well neither had I until I visited Romania in late April. These cute little
ground squirrels are the equivalent of American prairie dogs or African meerkats. They live in
holes in the ground and feed on grass seeds.I had to wait for some time until I could get one to
stand upright for me. In fact it took a booted eagle to fly overhead to get all the little fellows
standing up - after which they promptly squeeked loudly as they made a dash for their burrows !

April - Herring gull

herring gull

This month's image is of a herring gull- a common bird, but still very beautiful and elegant
in flight - as captured here, coming into land on a rooftop in Folkestone harbour in Kent.

March - Northern hawkowl catching a vole in the snow


A trip to Finland in late February brought this opportunity to
photograph a Northern Hawkowl catching a vole in the snow.

February - Goldfinch in the snow


A brief spell of snow provided a nice photo-opportunity-
such as this goldfinch which posed on a spiky gorse bush

January - Kingfisher abstract

kingfisher feathers

Something a bit different this month. I don't tend to do much in the way of
abstract usually, but I enjoyed doing this close-up image of a kingfisher
which demonstrates the beautiful colours and feather detail on this bird.


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