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Commercial enquiries - Image of Male shoveler duck

Commercial Enquiries

This section is intended for Commercial enquiries only - for limited-edition fine-art prints please click here

The rights to use any of the images on this website are available for purchase as high-resolution files on CD. These are typically around 23 Mb - 50Mb TIFF files (Not interpolated) depending on the camera used - or may be supplied as 50Mb TIFFs using industry standard software to meet client requirements. Some earlier images are scanned film slides around 45 Mb, but these are very much in the minority.

Nearly all images are shot using Canon digital SLR cameras in RAW format, (see equipment used section) processed at 16-bit and saved as 8-bit TIFF files. These are then adjusted and gently sharpened using Adobe Photoshop (or Fred Miranda's excellent Intellisharpen software) and then converted back to 8 bit files. These files can be provided unsharpened on request.

Image licences are offered for use in website design, advertising, books, newspapers, magazines or by stock agencies etc. I can provide exact species names including latin names for all images at time of ordering, and I can also prepare or suggest supporting text or suggestions for articles to supplement the images if required.

Commercial - High resolution images on CD


Costs will be individually negotiated in-line with current industry standard rates. It may be helpful to get an idea of costs from sources such as stock price calculator.

Please contact me for more information.

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