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Wildlife photography by John Devries, Kent UK. Inspirational images from nature.
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Kittiwake over waves - © Ophrys Photography

Kittiwake over waves Domestic goose in flight Redshank Chalkhill blue
Heron in flight Canada geese in flight Water droplet Gannet in flight
Mandarin duck Elephants crossing Goldfinch hovering Giraffe and acacia
Mute swans Elephants drinking Sanderlings Arctic ice
Pelican in flight Giraffe and sky Lapwing Island sky

Cheetah on termite mound - © Ophrys Photography

Cheetah on termite mound Cheetah closeup Grey seal on beach Kingfisher on branch
Leopard and cubs Male lion Lioness and cubs  
Cheetah with sunbeams Dunlin on seashore Leopard and cubs2  

Otter in leaves - © Ophrys Photography

Otter in leaves Kingfisher    
Otter standing      

Grass snake in duckweed - © Ophrys Photography

Grass snake in duckweed Goldcrest Long-tailed tit Heath fritillary
Chalkhill blues mating Jay on branch Puffin in campion Woodwhite
Tawny owl in ivy Brown bear in forest Hawfinch Paphiopedium orchid
Red-footed falcon Goshawk Green woodpecker Plane tree
Hare and buttercup Kestrel Bee-eaters Banana leaves

Barn owl in cowslips - © Ophrys Photography

Barnowl in cowslips Corydalis and raindrops Swallowtail butterfly Foal in buttercups
Fennel Yellowhammer Diademed sifaka Peacock butterfly

Topi at dawn - © Ophrys Photography

Topi at dawn Verreaux's sifaka Giraffes Ringed plover
Cheetahs drinking G.S.Woodpecker Male tiger portrait Stonechat
Lions mating Red squirrel Male tiger in forest Silver-washed fritillary
Turnstones at dusk Leopard Sunset stag Little egret with ripple
Zebra at sunrise Giraffe family at sunset Gaur and reflection Little egret
Red deer stag Kestrel at sunset Day lilly Brent sunset
Thawing leaves Frostyleaf Red deer calling  

Arty poppies - © Ophrys Photography

Arty poppies Poppies - odd one out Peacock butterfly  
Poppies in cornfield Fly agarics Frosted rosehips  
Poppies Red admiral on thistles Bullfinch  

Lesser flamingos - © Ophrys Photography

Lesser flamingos Phalanopsis orchid Viburnum carlesii  
Flamingo crowd Glanville fritillary Ghost orchid  
Flamingo in flight Pink rose    

Hoverfly on leek flowers - © Ophrys Photography

Hoverfly on leek flowers Monkey orchid spike Southern marsh orchid  
Common-spotted floret Clover flowers    
Green-winged orchid Pulsatilla flower    

Wildebeest crossing - © Ophrys Photography

Wildebeest crossing Woodmouse Brown bears Sambar deer fawn
Sandmartin Wildcat snarling GS woodpecker Red deer calling
Hare Brown bear cub Hay bales GS woodpecker

Puffin with sandeels - © Ophrys Photography

Puffin with sandeels Action toad Grey seal in a hurry Arctic pack-ice
Puffin Frosted teasels Crested tit Wolf
Sanderlings Grey squirrel in winter GS woodpecker GS woodpecker on post

Fieldfare and fallen apple - © Ophrys Photography

Fieldfare and fallen apple Gannet courtship Goldfinch on gorse Red squirrel
Hawkowl catching a vole Gannet headshot Golden eagle in snow Yellowhammer in snow
Fieldfare in snow portrait Scarce swallowtail Goldfinch on teasel Waxwing in snow
Mute swan close-up Swan's head Grey squirrel in snow Whiteout

Full moon - © Ophrys Photography

Full moon Zebras necking    
Zebras drinking Black & white ruffed lemur    
Little auks      


© Copyright Ophrys Photography 2012