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Brown hairsterak butterfly, August 2015 - © Ophrys Photography

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Idiots guide to colour management - Or getting consistent colour with high gamut monitors
The new Canon 100-400mm mkii f4.5-5.6L is optical comparisons

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Updated: 3rd August 2015

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The Photographer

Ophrys Photography is world-renowned for high-quality, professional wildlife photography.
The galleries on this website contain thousands of beautiful images captured by the highly experienced naturalist and wildlife photographer - John Devries working from Kent in the UK.
John's pictures are widely published and feature in books and magazines around the world. He has also featured on a BBC television programme on improving your nature photography. Canon cameras and lenses were used to capture all images on this website.

Wildlife photography tuition

If you are able to travel to Kent in the UK and fancy improving your own wildlife photography and Photoshop image-processing skills, John can provide individual or small group tuition for users of digital SLR cameras. Please contact me for further details of my intensive one-day course if interested.This can be tailored to all level of abilities from novice to advanced. The one day 1:1 course costs just £150 and runs from 10am-4pm with a break for a pub lunch (not included in price). This could be the best investment you ever make towards improving your skills.

In the winter months John also provides hands-on bird photography tuition from a dedicated two person hide in his farmland garden.

Tips and tutorials

If you can't attend a training course but are looking to improve your photography or Photoshop skills there are many hints, tips and articles in the tips and tutorials section. These are written in a very easy to understand manner without getting too technical and have proven very popular judging by the appreciative feedback frequently received. The eight section tutorial on photographing birds is particularly valuable as it probably the most in-depth article and is not just relevant to birds.
There are also some useful comparisons between Canon cameras, lenses
and converters which may assist you when purchasing equipment.

The image galleries

It is suggested that you start by visiting the Showcase gallery to see some favourite images. There are around 3000 more images in the main image galleries . These are continually being added to, so please bookmark the site if you wish to return to view the latest material. There is a list of the most recent or newly-updated gallery links to the left of this page.


All images seen on the website are available for purchase, whether it be as a tradtional print ready for framing, a large canvas for your wall, for publication or for use on your website. Please see the Sales page for more information.

Image of the month

Image of the month contains recent images that John is pleased with that also gives a flavour of what he has been up to lately. He includes camera settings along with any exposure compensation used on these pictures so you can use these to help get your own settings right.

Book - Portfolio
John has produced a very special book of wildlife images entitled Portfolio which as the name suggests is a collection of favourite photos from across the image galleries. The hardback book is big 12" square (30 x 30cm) and printed to a high standard.

It makes a great gift, so why not treat someone (or even yourself) to a copy? You can preview 21 pages from the book or buy your own copy on the sales page here :  Preview Portfolio
There is also a smaller 40 page A4 book dedicated to African animals and birds which is also available to preview and buy on the sales page: A taste of Kenya.

Ophrys Photography Book - Portfolio

"I have picked up the peregrine canvas print today. It is absolutely wonderful! The clarity is so much better than I imagined it would be, so life like and it is beautifully presented. Thank you so much for it! I have to admit, that I generally find things bought on the internet are always disappointing in reality but you have proved me wrong, as this has exceeded all expectations. I now hope the birthday boy is as pleased with it as I am (I am rather loath to part with it!) Thank you so much
- Joya Logan, London "

There is also a range of my personally selected colour-themed canvases if you are looking for a print of a certain overall colour to match your house decor. Alternatively you may prefer traditional A4 or A3 fine-art prints which are available as prints alone or mounted ready for framing.

"Thanks so much for the speedy delivery ! My nine prints arrived safely, and as of yesterday are framed and hanging. Wow, those are some spectacular shots! Best wishes,
- Curtis Swinger, Sussex "

All images are available for use in commercial applications by publishers and webmasters - please contact me for more information.

Not provided

Please note, that despite regular requests, John is not able to offer work placement for students and is not currently providing lectures for camera clubs.

John Devries

Brent geese at sunset

Brent Geese at sunset - © Ophrys Photography

Why the name Ophrys?

Ophrys Photography takes it’s name from the "Ophrys orchids" which grow wild in the UK and Europe. Ophrys being the latin name for this group of terrestrial (ground-dwelling) orchids. My interest in British wild orchids, (and subsequently wildlife and nature photography in general) probably began, when as a small boy, I found a wild Fly Orchid (Ophrys insectifera) in a Kent woodland. This fascinated me as it was so beautiful and also so unusual. I later discovered that Charles Darwin had once lived in Kent in the UK near to where I found it and indeed had often come to this very place to study wild orchids himself.

Ophrys insectifera , fly orchid

It seemed only fitting that I should name my website after this wonderful group of plants. Instead of the fly orchid, I chose the late spider orchid (Ophrys fuciflora) as my company logo (the logo is in the title bar at the top of this page) as it is only found in the county of Kent in the UK - where I have lived for nearly all of my life.Click here to go to see more pictures of UK ophrys species.
Photographing wild orchids was only the beginning of course, and although this website started out as a celebration of British wild orchids, it has grown out of all recognition into a general wildlife photography site. The site now includes includes many pictures of animals and birds, insects and plants which I have encountered in my travels.

Fly orchid - Ophrys insectifera


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